MasterExtra Disc
Short Film (up to 20 minutes)$25$5
Short Film (up to 60 minutes)$50$5
Feature film (up to 120 minutes)$100$10


MasterExtra Disc
Short Film (up to 20 minutes)$50$10
Short Film (up to 60 minutes)$100$15
Feature film (up to 120 minutes)$150$20


It is the client's responsibility to check all source material thoroughly before submission. Escient Digital is not responsible for glitches or QC issues in the source material. Escient Digital does not perform QC on the source material prior to encoding and burning DVD's and/or Blu-ray Discs. If there is an issue with the DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc that was not in the original source material, Escient Digital will fix the issue at no additional charge. It is highly recommended that the client test the DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc prior to any exhibition. Thus it is highly recommended that DVD's and/or Blu-ray Discs be ordered and tested far in advance of any exhibition. Escient Digital will not be responsible or liable for exhibition screening issues, as putting the DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc into exhibition constitutes client's acceptance of the DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc as-is.

Formats accepted:

  • any ProRes format
  • any DNxHD/DNxHR format

H.264/H.265, 16-bit TIFF Image Sequence, 10-bit DPX Image Sequence accepted with additional charge ($25 for short films up to 60 minutes, $50 for feature films up to 120 minutes).




All resolutions are accepted. Discs will be encoded in a 16:9 letterbox format if the original aspect ratio is not 1.78:1.


All framerates accepted. Discs will be encoded and mastered at client's preferred framerate. 23.98fps is the assumed default. If different please notify us at time of submission.

Color Spaces accepted:

      • Rec709 2.2 gamma
      • Rec709 2.4 gamma



Audio embedded in the video file is best. For 5.1, use 1-L, 2-R, 3-C, 4-LFE, 5-Ls, 6-Rs track layout. Discrete channels of 16-bit or 24-bit, 48 kHz Linear PCM audio, in separate WAV Broadcast WAV format, as well as separate AC3 files are accepted, however client is responsible for ensuring sync. Additional charge if Escient Digital must manually sync audio.

Required 5.1 Channel Assignment:

      • Track 1 = Left (L)
      • Track 2 = Right (R)
      • Track 3 = Center (C)
      • Track 4 = Low Frequency Effects (LFE)
      • Track 5 = Left Surround (Ls)
      • Track 6 = Right Surround (Rs)



Submissions should be provided on a USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt hard drive.