Color Grading Credits

Feature Films

Panacea (Souvenir Films)

Emerald Run (Magnificat Media Production)

The Brawler (The Brawler Movie LLC, Conquistador Ent, Vertical Ent)

Unlawful Justice (Live Free or Die Productions)

The Man From Earth: Holocene (Falling Sky Entertainment)

Heels (Just In Time Films)

Art of Deception (Ox Films)

The Man From Earth (Remaster) (Falling Sky Entertainment)

Time Toys (Madalyn Productions & Snowfall Films)

Fair Play (SEC Production)

The Next Big Thing (Lip Man Productions)

RPXG (Land Of The Free)

The Lost One (Little Dog Productions)

Black Widows (Wanderlust Films)

The Rumperbutts (Rumpus Room Productions / BB Productions)

Dark Awakening (Atlantic & Pacific Pictures)

Starve trailer (Starve LLC)

Off The Grid (OTG Productions)

Forbidden Dimensions (Razorwire Pictures)

Mischief Night (Ruthless Pictures/GMI Films)

Toolbox Murders 2 (Atlantic & Pacific Pictures)

Alice & The Monster (Lucid By Proxy)

House of Bad (Shadow Kamera Films)

Extracted (aka Extraction) (New Artists Alliance)

Trim (Just In Time Films)

Erased (Ascentia Films)

Commercials / Branded Content / Corporate

Lays "Spreading Smiles" (Lone Suspect for Frito Lays)

AT&T Pebble Beach promo (The Marketing Arm for AT&T)

Buffalo Wild Wings "Homecoming Takeout" branded content (The Marketing Arm & Lone Suspect for Buffalo Wild Wings)

Buffalo Wild Wings "Stranded Holiday" branded content (The Marketing Arm & Lone Suspect for Buffalo Wild Wings)

Buffalo Wild Wings "The Red Zone" branded content (The Marketing Arm & Lone Suspect for Buffalo Wild Wings)

Intellicentrics "The Line" (The Marketing Arm & Lone Suspect for Intellicentrics)

Buffalo Wild Wings "An Ode to National Beer Day" commercial (The Marketing Arm & Lone Suspect for Buffalo Wild Wings)

Goodyear "Blimp-worthy" commercial (The Marketing Arm for Goodyear)

AT&T Football Everywhere commercials (The Marketing Arm for AT&T/DirecTV)

DICE (N/A Records for DICE)

Little Engineers (Little Engineers)

llumina Reproductive Health (Creative Video Lab)

UOMe x 3 (Bros In Ink)

Dentistry Simplified (Kamera Work)

TEENS (Stairway Films)

Olay (Stairway Films)

SunBriteTV promo video (SunBriteTV)

Television (including pilots & web series)

Qooks (Shoshana Productions)

Noah's Park, Season 1 (Apples & Oranges LLC)

Captain Karl's Institute for the Abnormally Bizarre (Lone Suspect)

Tight (Sidewalk Eggs Productions)

Characters (Matt Mullins & Chris Naylor)

Truck'd (New Artists Alliance)

Now What? (E&CCM)

Mr. Kill (Shadowcast Pictures)

Cost Of Capital (Alliecine Productions)

Whole Day Down (Fauci Productions)

SOLO: The Series (Rocket Munkee Productions)

Online Nation (Room 403 Prods. for the CW Network)

Music Videos

Aileen Aroon (music video for Bill Russell Films)

I Don't Want To Lose Your Love (music video for Ashley Brinton)

Come As You Are (music video for Vivian Cook)

Whatever (music video for Vivian Cook)

More (music video for Vivian Cook)

Just Kids (music video for Vivian Cook)

Hammerfy Your Home (Jingle Punks)

Halestorm - "Amen" (Fiction Pictures & Anthem Films)

Sam Smith featuring John Legend - "Lay Me Down" (Tricycle Logic)

Riff Raff music video (Shrine Inc.)

Celine Dion music video (BLVD Industries)

Til My Voice Is Gone (The Old Ceremony)


Storm Over Brooklyn trailer (Lightbox Entertainment)

The Girl in the Show (Rebel Debutante Productions)

Ye Knitter (George Reasner)

GE3 documentary (Kamera Work)

Blanca (Bazooka Mama Productions)

SCI-Arc Recollecting Forward (So. Cal Institute of Architecture)

Short Films

Billie (Tom Struckhoff, Inc.)

The Desert (ZacPope)

Stuck (God Emperor David)

Target: Battleground State (Ox Films)

Scenes from a Not-So-Distant-Future Dystopia: MAD MASK (SF)

Life (Escient Studios)

Agent 10 (Alessi Films)

Lunchtime is Over (Big Guy Small Dog Productions)

He Said, She Said (SF)

Voodoo (NP)

Claude (Roulette Entertainment)

The CNO (Lives of Others Productions)

Trust Me (Trust Me Productions)

Dark Specter II (Big Guy, Small Dog Productions)

The Reason For Living (Knoebl)

The Proposal (24fps)

Stay (God Emperor David)

Reconnected (Tica Productions)

The Bail Out (Black Vault Entertainment)

Killer Decisions (aka Granny) (AP)

Casting (D.A.M. Productions)

Unconditional (Sam Harney)

The Three Hares (CAI Studio)

The Eye (El Terror) (Richard Schenkman & Eric D. Wilkinson)

Row (Post-Neo-Nada)

Cradle (Duality Filmworks)

Last Call (Joe Taylow)

Threesome (Triple Threat Films)

Book It! (Kevyn Richmond)

Vivan Cook (musical short film for Vivian Cook)

Rain (Bushido Media Group)

John Steinbeck's Flight (Tica Productions)

Painless (Waterline Pictures)

The Ex Factor (CLH)

Gentrified (Colorblind Media)

Logan(+) (Running Puma)

Game Night (Blockhouse Films)

Grace (Three Roses Entertainment)

Sketches (Andrew Mosely-2015)

Level Up (AP)

Security (Romulo Alejandro)

Furtive (Ihuoma)

Simontology (BCT)

Spring Cleaning (Shanna Leah Productions)

Pasadena Communications (Bogey Digital)

The Last Affair (Bushido Media Group)

Midnight Mover (Little Dog Productions)

Madame Sarina’s (Donnie Hobbie)

When The Bomb Drops (AP)

Black Dog (Romulo Alejandro)

The Parole Officers (Ward Productions)

Contours (Elias Cecil)

Missing You (NR Productions)

Life Starts Tomorrow (NPR Productions)

Good Lovin’ (Eleven26 Group)

The Jacket and the Dress (Creole Celina Films)

Medoway (SC Films)

Crisis (One Degree Media)

You Only Meet A Stranger Once (JL Productions)

Mark & Amy (Saltzman Productions)

Mine (Runaway Pictures)

Tristin & Izzy (Saltzman Productions)

Silver Lake (Waterfront Films)

Smooch My Smackers (House on Fire Productions)

Joel’s Abyss (JF Productions)

Unaimed Arrow (Sorta Portal Productions)

A Note to Etienne (RCB Productions)

myPhone (Ascentia Films)

Deceivers (Ascentia Films)

Last Chance (Satellite Pictures)

Gun Control (Satellite Pictures)

Demon Cat (Parallactic Pictures)

Ext. Life (Parallactic Pictures 2009)

Identical Dead Sisters (Parallactic Pictures)

I Have It (Western Skies Productions)

The Last Tenant (Ascentia Films)

Throwaway (Parallactic Pictures)

Haunted (Ascentia Films)

Sorry (Ascentia Films)