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Music Video

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When a film obtains distribution, the distributor will have a list of items that need to be delivered to them on a hard drive. Each distributor will have its own requirements and specs that need to be met, including length and placement of bars & tone, slate, audio channel configuration, textless elements, and technical requirements for passing QC. Having a different domestic distributor and foreign distributor will likely require two different sets of deliverables. A quote for deliverables can be given upon seeing the distributor's specs.


Foreign and domestic distributors will provide specs for the assets that need to be delivered. Distributors can differ from each other on what they want delivered and how. Some of the specific items that could be ask for, and which Escient Digital is able to perform and provide include:


Premiere Pro CC

Any Camera

Final Cut Pro X

Any Codec

DaVinci Resolve

Any Resolution

Avid Media Composer

Mac or Windows

Because the deliverables specs and requirements for each distributor varies, and there will likely be different specs and requirements for your domestic distributor and foreign distributor, we need to customize quotes for creating deliverables for any films. Please contact us for a quote.